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Humic DG (SGN 100)

Humic DG (SGN 100)

Category:   Fertlilizer

Manufacturer:   Andersons


  • Bulk Density: 40 lbs/cubic ft
  • UI: 40+
  • Moisture: Target: 7% Maximum: 9%
  • Resistance to Attrition: 90
  • Humic Acid Content: 62%
  • Humic Acid Precursor Content: 10%
  • Total Humic Acid + Humic Acid Precursor: 72%

SDS/MSDS link:   http://andersonshumates.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/ASPHU100DG4_msds.pdf

More Information:   http://www.hawaiigrowerproducts.com/hawaii-grower-andersons-humate-products.php

Product Number:   FER050-H100

Product ID:   1176

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