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Signature™ XTRA Stressgard

Signature™ XTRA Stressgard

Category:   Fungicide

Manufacturer:   Bayer Environmental Science


Signature™ XTRA Stressgard® is a true systemic fungicide that enhances plant health and turf quality, while minimizing stress from both abiotic and biotic sources. Signature XTRA Stressgard uses a new, improved formulation of fosetyl-Al. Fosetyl-Al, the same active used in Chipco® Signature, has provided over 20 years of consistently high turf-quality ratings, along with no documented reports of resistance development in the field. The new formulation protects against summer decline and Pythium blight, plus adds stronger control of root-infecting Pythium species when watered in. It can be applied alone or in a tank-mix. Enhanced plant health benefits, even under the most severe environmental conditions.

  • Stressgard Formulation Technology for proven plant health effects
    • Optimized formulation reduces oxidative stress
    • Recovery from mechanical damage (i.e. aeration, scalping)
    • Healthier roots, leading to better water and nutrient utilization
    • Induced systemic resistance
  • Supports earlier spring green up, turf fill in, improved color and density
  • Protects the plant from the adverse effects of UV radiation
  • Wider application window – flexible rate structure allows for applications on 7-21 intervals
  • No documented disease resistance
  • Upwards and downwards systemic mobility
  • Documented turf safety with applications in high temperatures

Pests controlled:
    Anthracnose, Pythium diseases, summer turfgrass decline, bacterial wilt

SDS/MSDS link:   http://www.cdms.net/ldat/mpCFG001.pdf

More Information:  

Product Number:   CHM115-01000

Product ID:   219

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