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Green Mountain Hardwood Pellets

Green Mountain Hardwood Pellets

Category:   Outdoor Life

Manufacturer:   Green Mountain


This practically perfect blend of choice hardwoods subtly brings out the flavor of the food without overpowering it. Our pellets are oak based and larger which means they last longer than standard alder based pellets. Compare burning a log with burning kindling - which lasts longer?

Our bag contains 28-lb. of pellets instead of the normal 20-lb. They are almost 100% dust-free. That means you get to use all of the pellets you buy instead of just most of them. Enjoy grilling with a 28-lb. bag of Premium Gold Blend cooking pellets! Your pellets ignite automatically when you turn on the switch. No lighter fluid to get all over your hands and food, and no dangerous igniters which can blow the cover off of your barbecue. The delightful aroma will soon tantalize you and may draw a neighbor or two.

In Grilling, Taste Rules!

SDS/MSDS link:  

More Information:   http://hawaiigrowerproducts.com/hawaii-green-mountain-grills-maui-kona.php

Product Number:   FER560-0530bl

Product ID:   234

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