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Category:   Fertilizer

Manufacturer:   BEST


8-30-15 Mini Phos with AVAILŪ protected phosphorous to reduce tie-up of phosphate and make it more available to the plants.

  • AVAIL, a non-plant food ingredient designed for coating on granular phosphate fertilizers, sequesters antagonistic ions in the soil surrounding the fertilizer granules, reduces tie-up of phosphate and makes phosphate more available to the plant.
  • AVAIL is water soluble and biodegradable.
  • Undisturbed, AVAIL continues to inhibit phosphate fixation throughout the growing season.
  • A high quality mini-size (SGN 150) homogeneous N-P-K fertilizer.
  • Contains a 1:4:2 ratio of N:P2O5:K2O to provide high levels of phosphate to aid root growth in new plantings.
  • Mini-sized for better particle distribution (more pellets per square foot).
  • Potash from sulfate of potash.

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Product Number:   FER050-744161

Product ID:   26

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