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Blazon Green

Blazon Green

Category:   Spray Pattern Indicator

Manufacturer:   Milliken


Green spray indicator More subtle than the Blazon blue.

In today's competitive environment, a quality playing surface is key to your success. Uniform, precise, and complete applications to your high-value turf save time and money as well as reducing the potential for damages. Other methods may work on fairways and roughs, but a visible swath on your greens is need for perfect coverage.

Blazon Green Spray Pattern Indicator identifies exactly where your spray is being applied to the turf. It eliminates overlap as much as 50%. It eliminates misses, which is particularly important when a weed or pest is allowed to remain. Blazon is nonstaining so it washes off skin, clothing and equipment. It's temporary, fading in sunlight or washing off with irrigation or rainfall.

SDS/MSDS link:  

More Information:   http://millikenchemical.com/blazon-spray-pattern-indicator-liquid-colorant/

Product Number:   CHM550-01150

Product ID:   427

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