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Extinguish Professional Ant Bait

Extinguish Professional Ant Bait

Category:   Insecticide

Manufacturer:   Well Mark


Extinguish® Professional Fire Ant Bait is an effective bait that eliminates problem fire ant colonies. Specifically targeted for fire ants, Extinguish® contains Methoprene, an Insect Growth Regulator, IGR, (S-Methoprene) that affects a fire ant queen's reproductive abilities. As existing workers die naturally, they are not replaced by a new generation. The queen eventually starves to death and the entire colony is eliminated.

Approved for citrus groves, almond groves, pastures, fruit and nut tree groves, and any type of land where crops are grown.

Wasmannia Autropunctata

SDS/MSDS link:   http://www.cdms.net/ldat/mp75E002.pdf

More Information:  

Product Number:   CHM952-00030

Product ID:   823

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