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Andersons Contec DG 6-0-12

Andersons Contec DG 6-0-12

Category:   Fertilizer

Manufacturer:   Andersons


N - (6%): Ammoniacal nitrogen
K - as K2O - (12%): Potassium sulfate, sulfate of potash magnesia
Mg - (2.00%): Magnesium
S - (13.50%): Combined Sulfur
Mn - (5.00%): Manganese
  • Patented dispersing granule formula
  • Lighter color high visibility ("Hi-Vis") formula
  • Greatly reduces fertilizer loss due to ball, shoe & mower pickup.
  • Contains manganese & magnesium to correct deficiencies.
  • K-Mag to help root systems develop and build turf resistance to stress.
  • Ideal product for spoon-feeding programs.
  • Contains ProactinŽ to build secondary root formation, improve heat and drought tolerance and enhance nutrient availability.
Product Type: Dispersible granular nutrient
Nitrogen Type: Ammonium Sulfate
Particle Size: SGN: 75
Net Weight: 40 lbs.
Coverage: 8,000 sq. ft. @ Medium Rate

SDS/MSDS link:   http://www.cdms.net/manuf/mprod.asp?mp=14&lc=0

More Information:  

Product Number:   CHM350-00160

Product ID:   941

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