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Horticultural supplies for Hawaii's golf course, resort, landscape, nursery, and farm.
Ever since its establishment, Hawaii Grower Products has taken its own road. When competitors were servicing plantations, HGP glided towards the turf and ornamental market. This wasn't a 'cool' choice at the time, but the intuition paid off.
What started as a small and overlooked market has blossomed into an enormous success because of the many resorts, golf courses and nurseries that have sprung up in Hawaii to service tourism. Ken Findeisen, president of HGP, recounts the growth:
"In 1980 there were just a few golf courses on Maui. Then, just a few years later, everyone's adrenaline started to pump from all the activity - hotels and golf courses were being built. Everything started booming. We started concentrating on supplying the right products for maintaining these landscapes. It was a natural progression for us. We introduced innovative products, such as slow release fertilizers, and it grew from there. Now Hawaii Grower Products is viewed as the leader in this industry. We represent the best product lines for this market."
Like Ken says, Hawaii Grower Products has something rare and valuable - a company that places relationships above price. We value and nurture the relationship we have with our customers as well as our manufacturers. We're all professionals and we work as a team to develop beautiful turf, landscape, and plants.
HGP has remained strong through all fluctuations in Hawaii's economy. How? It's nothing more than HGP's community-mindedness, business integrity, respected relationships, and solid product catalog. Plants naturally grow and HGP merely helps along the way way.
Everyone at Hawaii Grower Products has been involved in Hawaii's horticulture industry for years. Why?  For one reason,  they love it!  HGP is a locally owned business, committed to improving the industry, the community, and the Hawaiian archipelago at large. We don't have headquarters; our top managers work in the field. We all work as a team, constantly striving to improve our service, solve problems, and assist customers with the best product choices and application.
Here's who we are:
Ken Findeisen - HGP President & Owner
To reach Ken, please email ken@hawaiigrowerproducts.com
or call 808.877.6636.
Maui Team Members
Kevin Boteilho - Maui Operations Manager
To reach Kevin, email kevin@hawaiigrowerproducts.com
or call 808.877.6636 extension 13.
Tony Martelles - Warehouse Manager/Lead Driver
To reach Tony, call 808.877.6636.
Trevor Pechin - Maui Sales Representative
To reach Trevor, email trevor@hawaiigrowerproducts.com
or call 808.877.6636.
Carole Satoshige - Maui Office Manager
To reach Carole, email carole@hawaiigrowerproducts.com
or call 808.877.6636 extension 10.
David Toyama - Maui Sales Representative
To reach David, email david@hawaiigrowerproducts.com
or call 808.877.6636.
Kona Team Members
John Marshall - Big Island Operations Manager
To reach John, email john@hawaiigrowerproducts.com
or call 808.326.7555.
Faxton Hasegawa - Big Island Sales Representative
To reach Faxton call 808.326.7555.
Peter Ballerini - Big Island Assistant Manager
To reach Peter, email pete@hawaiigrowerproducts.com
or call 808.326.7555.
William Agustin Jr. - Kona Warehouse Manager
To reach Bill, email bill@hawaiigrowerproducts.com
or call 808.326.7555.

Shop Hawaii Grower Products for all your Horticulture Needs.
Call HGP 808-877-6636 on Maui or 808-326-7555 on the Big Island.













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